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Linhai City Jiuda Rubber Track Co.,LTD. was founded in 2005 is a company which can Independent research and developmentproduction and sales of construction machinery rubber tracksdamping rubber padsrubber pads Its Located in the historic cultural city-LinhaiProducts are widely used in excavator, pave, milling planet road roller, pile driver,etc. Accumulated over 10 years of production technology and experienceour products have good tear resistance,anti-agingHigh tensile strengthHigh wear resistancegood damping effect At presentour products Large export to EuropeAmericasoutheast AsiaJapan and other countries

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Linhai City Jiuda Rubber Track Co.,LTD.

Address:No.360,Zhexi Road,Dayang Street,Linhai,Zhejiang Province,China
Tel:0086-576-85997068 85998060
Contact:Mr Zhu  Phone:13958582129
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